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Health Promotion

FOH is dedicated to promoting the health and safety of federal employees. Our health promotion programs are part of a national effort to help Americans work proactively to improve their health. FOH provides customized programs that are tailored to agency goals and budgets, as well as employee risk profiles.

Health promotion initiatives help employees learn how to eat healthy, make physical activity a habit, adopt preventive health strategies, and avoid or change behaviors that increase the risk of diseases. FOH promotes healthy lifestyles through nutrition education, motivational programs, behavior change training, and incentive programs.

Like all FOH services, our health promotion programs can be customized to meet each organizationís unique needs. Agencies can choose to integrate health promotion with other occupational health services such as health screenings, online health risk assessments, cholesterol and glucose testing, and blood pressure monitoring. Health promotion services are also an excellent complement to our Wellness/Fitness services and include fitness assessments, sponsored fitness activities, and personal training sessions.

FOH is also available to support employees who wish to change their health habits. FOH sponsors health events, walking programs, and tobacco cessation efforts. Our inherent knowledge of the federal workplace, combined with our experience and commitment to success enables us to provide unparalleled service to our customer agencies. Whether the program is provided at a single location, or across the nation, FOH is ready to help.

FOHís health promotion services include:

  • Health Education Programs: FOH offers health education programs to instruct and motivate employees to adopt healthy lifestyles. FOH possesses a library of topics that address key health topics for a working population. Health education programs can be provided in our clinics, fitness centers or at your worksite.

  • Smoking Cessation: Lost productivity and forfeited earnings due to smoking-related disability account for $92 billion per year to the US economy. Federal managers that support employees in their smoking cessation efforts stand to gain in terms of productivity and improved employee participation. FOH offers smoking cessation services that are rendered through our health centers, fitness centers and via telephone. Every employee, wherever they are, can take advantage of FOHís smoking cessation program that includes intake interviews, education, quit plans, nicotine replacement therapy, and ongoing encouragement during the process of quitting.

Learn more about other Federal worksite health initiatives:  

Improving the health, safety, and productivity of our Federal employees.
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