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FedHealth for the Future of FOH

Better Data * Better Outcomes

FedHealth is an integrated, secure, and comprehensive system that helps FOH electronically manage business functions. For FOH customer employees, FedHealth provides a secure web-based employee engagement portal to manage personal health records, medical history, complete pre-appointment forms, and request appointments.

For customer occupational health safety management, FedHealth provides a secure portal to manage their employees work clearances and other FOH services. This portal also grants access to service charge and utilization reports to the customer point of contact responsible for managing funding for services rendered by FOH.

Providing Occupational Health and Safety

For those customers responsible for managing their organization's occupational health and safety needs, FedHealth offers the ability to:

  • Manage employee enrollment in medical surveillance and training plans
  • Monitor status of medical clearances and medical opinions
  • Monitor employee occupational health and safety "Care Plans"
  • Monitor due dates for periodic clearance renewals
  • View and request appointments electronically
  • Submit and track requests for workplace health and safety services including environmental health, training, behavioral health, organizational development, wellness and health promotion, outreach events, and AED services
  • Submit and track requests for medical employability case review services
  • Monitor and track service and funding source utilization
  • Generate comprehensive and detailed reports

Receiving Occupational Health and Safety

For those customer employees who receive FOH services, FedHealth offers the ability to:

  • Complete forms and questionnaire online
  • Manage medical history in a secure, trusted, and private  employee engagement portal
  • Complete pre-appointment medical questionnaires online
  • Request and view clinical appointments online (medical exams and non-exam health services)
  • Receive electronic appointment confirmations, reminders, and cancellations
  • Track medical opinions and due dates for medical surveillance examinations
  • Register for training classes provided by FOH
  • Submit and track requests for eligible FOH services (i.e. ergonomic assessments, flu vaccinations, travel kits for clearances, etc.)
  • Upload documents related to a case review and/or from a person's private provider

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