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What's New

For years now, Federal Occupational Health (FOH) has been forming innovative technologies and tools for the future of occupational health, safety, and wellness. Our emerging initiatives will keep FOH on the cutting edge of providing integrated health and wellness services for federal employees in the United States and abroad. Here at FOH, we know that getting it right saves lives.

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The era of record digitization has arrived, and FOH is transitioning into the digital age by adopting an electronic health records system for all of our federal clients. The web-based FedHealth will offer case-management tools to help coordinate care for those receiving FOH services. The new platforms to deliver and record FOH services will provide better data to ensure better outcomes.

Download the FedHealth Fact Sheet


FOH is developing its first ever virtual wellness and health promotion portal. Unparalleled by the rest of the federal government, Felix aims to assist busy employees in leading happier and healthier lives. The technology helps workers set health goals while offering a user-friendly approach for tracking progress—thus, enabling employees to take charge of their health and wellness.

Download the Felix Fact Sheet


Long-term customer relationships are FOH’s top priorities. To optimize its business operations, FOH has created an information technology system to track the performance of each customer agency through a central, online repository called SalesForce. Ultimately, SalesForce’s flexible tracking framework increases FOH’s efficiency by centralizing all customer data.

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