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Organizational Leadership and Development.

Virtual Wellness Program

Federal Occupational Health (FOH) offers a comprehensive virtual wellness program. Participants can instantly access a wide variety of online information and tools.

Comprehensive Website

FOH provides an online health promotion web site designed to improve the wellness of federal employess via:

  • Health Risk Appraisals (HRAs) also known as Wellness Profiles which provide instant results to the participant upon completion. The HRA helps identify health issues, current risks, and specific ways to improve health.
  • The Comprehensive Lifestyle Management Center that translates HRA information into personalized, easy-to-understand material that empowers participants to make healthy choices.
  • Online personal improvement tools that allow participants to securely log activities, workouts, weight, and other personal metrics, and track the progress towards their health goals.
  • The "Coach's Corner" page which allows participants to create an individually tailored exercise program.
  • Mini-health assessments that focus on specific health concerns, and webinars focused on topics like nutrition and stress management.

Web Customization

FOH can provide a customized online health promotion web site designed specifically for your agency. A customized web site allows a personalized home page that includes agency specific logos and content tailored for your agency, personalized web site address, as well as agency specific incentive programs and intra-agency competitions.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Healthy Lifestyle Coaches are available for an additional fee. These professionals can provide both telephone and online coaching.

Incentive Programs and Team Challenges

Tangible and meaningful rewards help employees focus on achieving their goals and become more resilient to everyday obstacles. FOH provides three incentive program levels that help drive participation and acknowledge achievement. For an additional cost, agencies can select other reward options for employees.


HRA reporting provides managers with aggregate employee data that detail group wellness results and trends over time. That information is shared in a way that protects confidentiality of individual participants. Agency reports also provide trending analyses that include a year-to-year comparison of modifiable risk factors among participants. In addition, valuable information regarding the estimated agency costs for absenteeism and presenteeism is provided. This data can assist managers to target their wellness program based on population-specific needs to further maximize benefits.

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"My coach Katie helped me clarify my goals and set up a great workout that I can do at home. She reviewed my food and activity logs, gave me the push I needed to keep going...I lost about a pound a week over five months, increased my physical fitness, and now better manage my emotional health. Thanks so much for providing this!"

Project Manager,
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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