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Federal Occupational Health (FOH)'s most popular service package is FedStrive. FedStrive is an integrated health, wellness, and work/life balance program, designed to help federal employees reach goals of a healthier and more balanced life.


Participating in FedStrive minimizes time spent offsite to obtain routine health services such as for minor injuries, illness, and immunizations, etc. It also offers employees personalized health counseling based on individual risk factors and provides education about and access to ongoing health screenings for major illnesses


The following services are available to all Federal employees of agencies participating in FedStrive Advantage. Participating employees can receive services from any FOH FedStrive Advantage Health Center nationwide.

Walk-in and Emergency Care

  • Emergency response/first aid and CPR
  • Initial assessment, treatment, counseling and referral for minor illnesses and injuries on a walk-in basis without an appointment


  • and pneumococcus/pneumonia (for age > 50)
  • Travelers health and immunization information

Dedicated Website

  • Comprehensive Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) with individualized summary and recommendations
  • Health resources and individualized tracking tools – Disease-specific health risk assessments

Health Education Programs

  • At least three programs of 30 minutes duration provided annually at each site on a wide range of available topics
  • Targeted presentations based on needs assessments

Services Prescribed by a Personal Physician

  • Periodic bed rest, blood pressure monitoring, and glucose (blood sugar) monitoring
  • Allergens, hormones, and other injections
  • Other treatments/medications approved by FOH

Individualized Health Counseling

  • Advice concerning health-related conditions and behaviors given regularly, based on individual risk factors

Ongoing Health Screening

  • Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol/lipid, and colorectal cancer
  • Hearing, and vision, including glaucoma (where available)
  • Self-pay screenings available for blood type, thyroid, and chemistry panel (bone density and mammogram where mobile equipment is available)

Additional Services

  • Lactation support where available
  • Referral to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) when appropriate
  • Referral to private physicians or community health care providers when appropriate
  • Maintenance of medical records in accordance with the Privacy Act
  • Participation in occupant emergency planning with other tenant agencies

Program Assessment and Reporting

A basic site visit will be provided annually to assist management in identifying basic safety and health needs. Additionally, regular reports will be provided to managers regarding account/billing, utilization, customer satisfaction surveys, and health risk appraisals.

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