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Organizational Development and Leadership

Federal Occupational Health's (FOH) Behavioral Health Services division offers professional coaching and organizational development programs to assist federal agencies in achieving and sustaining healthy work environments, engaged workforces, and cultures of productivity and empowerment. Our programs are grounded in the belief that people are the federal government's most critical asset.

Our Team of Professionals

Organizational Development and Leadership (ODL) professionals and certified coaches specialize in organization development, corporate psychology, process re-engineering and are skilled in team building, strategic planning, mediation, and staff development.

Customized Services

Our ODL team customizes services to bring the right value at the right price for your employees and organization. We listen with the intent to understand and select the service that works best for you. We are partners first and foremost, and pride ourselves on making sure your expectations are met, and ultimately exceeded. Once we determine direction, we work to provide services on par with private sector entities, at a fraction of the cost.


Federal partners have entrusted us with projects as diverse as executive coaching, building a leadership culture, improving EVS scores, improving employee engagement, team building, facilitating leadership and staff retreats, and managing both small and large scale changes to their organization. We relish these challenges, and honor the trust placed in us by keeping our focus on the reason we're called in the first place — supporting federal employees.

Benefits of ODL

Why should you consider working with us?

  • Simple Acquisition – We use interagency agreements to offer a high-quality alternative to the costly and time-consuming acquisitions process.
  • Competitive Price – We offer coaching, expert consultant, training, and other OD support at a cost well below current market rates.
  • Experience – We bring over 65 years of experience and passion to our mission of helping federal employees. Our nationwide team of expert consultants and coaches specializes in working with federal clients, and we adapt OD and coaching interventions to meet the unique needs and challenges of federal leaders and executives.
  • Effective – We take care of your employees while remembering that mission-focus is crucial throughout the process.
  • Outcome Driven – We utilize evidence-based approaches to help ensure significant program engagement and measurable impact.

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More About Organizational Development and Leadership Services

"The level of support and engagement from the FOH OD Team is, in a word, AMAZING! We have a good working relationship and I think we also appreciate each other and the big picture in what we're working towards. I couldn't have a better team, honestly — this partnership is the best I've had the pleasure and the privilege of working with since I entered public service. Each one is committed, authentic and dedicated to standards and principles that make the difference in moving projects forward and helping to change lives in the process. In that regard, then, expectations were exceeded. I appreciate them so much!!!"

National Program Manager for the Transportation Security
Administration Career Coaching Program,
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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