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Change Managment

FOH recognizes that many agencies and teams suffer from "change fatigue," having gone through numerous leadership changes, staff changes, budget changes, and the like. However, done with strategic intention, we believe change can be what most hope it will be, a move from the current reality to a better reality.

Proactive Approach

We view change management in the traditional way, partnering with an agency before the change occurs, building stakeholder support, and driving conversation about why it needs to take place. This critical work addresses the human side of change, and places an agency and its leaders in a much better position when the time comes to implement the change. Targeted messaging addresses core questions of how an individual's role will or will not change. Consistency and timing of messaging are also critical to achieving a workable transition with minimal obstacles.

We believe strongly that the proactive approach is the way to go. There are some organizations that choose to use ODL services reactively, as a way to assist managing the fallout after leadership has already made and started to implement most of the relevant decisions of a significant change program. Current thinking and experience have taught us that OD impact is more limited in this instance, and we encourage our federal partners to approach change proactively.

Continuous Support

One of our principal roles is keeping you on task. We want to help your agency or team succeed by laying the proper groundwork for the change, and then closely monitoring milestones to make sure we achieve the goals you've set for the process. Energy is always greatest at the beginning of the project, and wanes during the middle phases. In this instance, our team can provide the extra boost of energy and expertise to focus everyone on the next achievable milestone, and how it eventually will get the team across the finish line.

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More About Organizational Development and Leadership Services

"In the Division of Administration, when we needed an organizational development consultant to help move along our customer service initiative, "Start with Yes!", we naturally consulted with our internal HHS experts in Federal Occupational Health (FOH). Priscilla Clark and her team provided professional, strategic and creative design and implementation guidance and support to our efforts, including employee survey administration and analysis, and the development of a video depicting the meaning of "Start with Yes!" I recommend the FOH Organizational Development team without hesitation to all of our federal colleagues in needs of such services."

Assistant Secretary for Administration,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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