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Organizational Leadership and Development.

Senior Care and Professional Care Management Services

Providing care for older loved ones can be time-consuming and feel daunting for working professionals. Federal Occupational Health (FOH) offers a work/life balance program, WorkLife4You, that provides many resources to help your employees have more balanced and fulfilling lives for themselves and those in their lives for whom they provide care.

Adult Care Specialists

Adult care specialists provide counseling, education, and referrals to help employees and their family members care for older loved ones — plus, when appropriate, specialists can arrange for professional care managers to provide in-person services at no cost to the employee or care recipient. With our professional care management services, employees are eligible to receive up to three hours of in-person services whether it is a free in-home care assessment, facility review, or post-hospitalization assessment. Any of these options will include a written care report.

Convenient and Confidential Access by Phone or Online

Employees and their family members — both in the United States and abroad — can contact us and immediately speak with a professional. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and additional self-service tools and information can be found online on our interactive website.

Services are confidential, except in areas where disclosure is required by law, generally when there is a safety concern. Services are voluntary and are offered as a free agency benefit.

FOH's WorkLife4You program help employees and their family members better manage life's challenges by offering resources and solutions to help them achieve balance at work and at home.

Work/Life Services

FOH's WorkLife4You program offers a wide variety of services including:

Download the Work/Life fact sheet for more information

"I was anxious to find a new nursing home for my father. WorkLife4You allowed me to focus on the nursing homes that met his needs. The program helped to alleviate my anxiety, plus it saved me a lot of time."

Federal Employee

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