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What is an HRA?

A Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) is a personalized health assessment—available to you free of charge—that helps you identify potential health risks so that you can take steps to avoid them.

Why should I do an annual HRA?

By examining your health-related behavior and health history, your HRA can give you more control over your health and wellness. When repeated annually, HRA results can reveal changes in your overall health over time.

My HRA asks for test results.
How do I obtain them?

You can get the numbers you need by getting a cardiac risk profile (CRP). The CRP is the first step in the HRA journey to wellness. If you’re a Federal employee, the CRP may be available to you at no cost to you from your worksite health center. Or, you can get a CRP from your health care provider. A CRP provides you with blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose (blood sugar), height, and weight measurements. This information helps identify factors that may put you at risk for heart disease and should be entered into your HRA. Learn more at our CRP page.

You may also add recent blood pressure or blood cholesterol results from recent doctor or hospital visits to your HRA. However, if you do not yet have that information, you should still take the HRA — you can just leave those questions blank and go back to complete them once you have the information.

How is my HRA information protected?

Your HRA data is protected under the Federal Privacy Act, as well as layers of strict access controls and security safeguards. FOH worksite staff, employer staff, and employee management cannot view your individual information. Intentional unauthorized access of personal or health information would result in severe administrative action against any offender(s). Your information is also securely stored in an independently audited data center that meets rigorous Federal security standards. This high-security center is continuously monitored for physical threats or system intrusion to help ensure your data is kept safe.

What kinds of questions are on the HRA?

The HRA asks questions about your eating habits, your exercise habits, and your perceptions of your health. You can download a sample HRA, if you'd like.

What happens after I take my HRA?

Upon completing your HRA, you will receive a summary report explaining your risk levels for each wellness category, as well as access to a wealth of tools and resources to take you even further on your personal path to health.