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Tips on Bringing Out the Best in Your Mood

The celebrations, shopping and traveling associated with the holiday season can become a real grind if you don’t make time to relax.

How to Stay Upbeat

The excitement and rushing around—and in some cases, frustration and disappointment—associated with the holiday season can often take an emotional toll on people who are not adequately prepared to keep things in balance. There are a number of things you can do to help keep your holidays “merry and bright.”

Go with the Flow

When life’s special moments don’t meet our idealized expectations, the result can often be disappointment and emotional distress. That’s why it is often better in such situations to take a more relaxed approach. Try to let go of expectations of how things should be. Adjust and be flexible, depending upon the situation. Who knows; you may be surprised—things might even turn out better than you expected!

Stay Positive

Remind yourself that you want to make the best of any situation that comes along. You can use positive affirmations, such as telling yourself: “This will be enjoyable,” or “I’m relaxed and having a good time,” to get you through some of the rough patches. And while you want to be sympathetic to the problems or difficult moods of others, you don’t want to get caught up in them to the extent that they become your own personal weight to bear.

Exercise the Mind, Relax the Mind

Whether you are a host or a visitor, making the extra effort to maintain the spirit of hospitality over an extended period of time can lead to mental and psychological fatigue. Go to the “Connect with Yourself” section of the click through to the right or the Spirit page for some ideas on relaxing and recharging.

While it is important to exercise your mind, it is just as important to help it relax. Take some time during the holidays to “unplug” from the computer, TV or other electronics and connect with the world around you. You can also use techniques such as meditation, or deep-breathing exercises, which are described in more detail in the Spirit page.