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The FOH Workforce

The FOH team is made up of a broad range of occupational health and wellness professionals.


Our team of professionals consists of PHS Commissioned Officers, General Schedule Federal employees (civil servants), and independently contracted consultants. FOH also subcontracts with behavioral health, environmental health, and clinical health organizations that provide many of our health professionals. This way we are able to maintain an extensive cadre of qualified personnel, and provide services that feature state-of-the art technical resources.

Subject Matter Experts

FOH is staffed with highly qualified medical, behavioral health, and environmental health and safety experts, including occupational health physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, safety experts, industrial hygienists, and wellness and fitness professionals, to name a few. Our Center for Technical Innovation, which supports FOH’s information technology, is comprised of highly qualified computer programmers, analysts, and specialists.

More About FOH

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