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Military Family Centers

Like other Federal organizations, today's military service has had to learn to do more with fewer resources. Changes in the economy, base closures, and outsourcing of important services such as housing and medical services, has changed the military culture and structure of service provision, leaving gaps in services that affect military families worldwide.

Federal Occupational Health (FOH) supports the Department of Defense (DOD) and military families through its Military Family Support Center (FSC) services. FOH's FSC Program provides a range of customized support services to military and civilian personnel at installations nationwide. FOH's comprehensive FSC Program provides the personnel, management, and supervision to deliver an FSC Program that complies all congressional mandates to provide family support, relocation, transition assistance, family advocacy, and financial assistance to the military. Our professional staff is versed in the regulatory guidelines associated with each military service's family support function including:

  • Navy Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC)
  • Air Force Family Support Centers (FSC)
  • Army Community Service (ACS) Centers
FOH's FSC Program is a comprehensive military support service that can either stand alone or be combined with civilian Employee Assistance and Work/Life programs. Our professionally staffed FSCs provide needed support services to the military “family,” which includes active duty and retired personnel and their families, as well as Department of Defense (DOD) personnel stationed at military installations.

FOH delivers flexible and responsive FSC Programs, which include:

  • Oversight and management of existing FSCs
  • Customized FSC facilities designed to meet accreditation standards (if applicable) and recommendations for equipment requirements
  • FSC staff integrated with EAP and Work/Life services
FOH understands that military families experience unique pressures and problems. Its FSC services help service members and their families get the most out of their military careers and lifestyles through a combination of counseling, workshops, programs, briefings, self-help, and automated services which are all free of charge to the military. Below are just some of the services provided through FOH's FSC Program.

Relocation Assistance:
The traditionally mobile lifestyle of the military family is fraught with challenges. Frequent moves uproot families, disrupt routines, and create financial difficulties. Moving to foreign countries or even moves to different regions within the U.S. require cultural adaptation and can be quite challenging. FSCs help families transition from and to different locations. FSCs also provide local area orientations, cultural information, language assistance, and even help relocated spouses find new employment.

General Education and Information:
FSCs provide information about child development, parenting, continuing education, career development, and basic skills for living (such as budgeting and consumer affairs). FSCs also serve as points of contact for families with special needs, often providing classes for parents and families with handicapped family members, as well as respite assistance.

Financial Training:
FSCs provide financial education, training, and advocacy. FSCs help with basic money and debt management. Financial assistance professionals provide consumer assistance and advocacy, as well as focused counseling, such as help planning for a move or a child's education.

FSC's help military families cope with unforeseen financial setbacks. They provide funds that help with emergency vehicle repairs, food, and emergency travel. FSCs work closely with military relief societies and the Red Cross to help in times of emergencies.

Family Advocacy:
FSCs provide domestic violence prevention education and support. In addition, through the Family Advocacy Program (FAP), FSC professionals provide assistance in cases of domestic violence. The FSC can act as liaison with child protective services, local shelters, and other domestic violence resources.

Whether military organizations need fully staffed FSCs or smaller one-person satellite style centers, FOH can offer highly trained family services professionals to help meet the needs of military service members, retirees, DOD civilians, and their families. Call us today at (954) 776-6500 to learn more!

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