Federal Occupational Health Accredidation Golden Opportunity.



FOH has accomplished one of the most ambitious goals in its history. On Friday, November 6, 2015, we gained System Accreditation under the Ambulatory Care Standards through The Joint Commission (TJC). We are not only the first federal agency to achieve accreditation under the new TJC Occupational Health Standards, but we will have the opportunity to participate in the development of those standards.

TJC accreditation is all about improving the quality and safety of health care, an enterprise that is in direct alignment with the FOH mission and vision. This is our “golden opportunity” to set the standard for other occupational health clinics to follow.

This is FOH’s Golden Opportunity: Going Beyond Expectation
It will take our “FOH village” to achieve Joint Commission accreditation. Please become a contributing member of the FOH GO Team. Together we are going beyond expectation!


  • Chapter 1 :
    It's Go Time

    Get a better understanding of the TJC accreditation process and requirements.

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  • Chapter 2 : Rights and Responsibilities

    Recognizing and respecting patient rights and defining patient responsibilities.

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  • Chapter 3 :
    Record of Care

    All data and information gathered about a patient.

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  • Chapter 4 :
    Info Management

    Health information managed systematically by the organization.

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  • Chapter 5 :
    Infection Control

    Better your understanding of how to prevent infection and the spread of disease.

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  • Chapter 6 : Medication Management

    Gain a better understanding of medication management protocols and standards.

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  • Chapter 7 : National Patient Safety Goals

    Learn the 3 main goals to keep our patients safe and healthy.

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  • Chapter 8 : Human Resources

    Ensure staff has the ability to provide safe, quality care.

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  • Chapter 9 : Leadership

    Leaders are responsible for the care, treatment, or services that the organization provides to its patients.

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  • Chapter 10 : Performance Improvement

    Use data to inform positive change.

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  • Chapter 11 : Provision of Care

    An integrated approach to meeting patient needs.

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  • Chapter 12 : Waived Testing

    Good laboratory practices for waived testing.

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  • Chapter 13 : Emergency Management

    In case of emergency...

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  • Chapter 14 : Environment of Care

    Promote a safe, functional, and supportive environment within.

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  • Chapter 15 : Accreditation Participation

    What to know when the surveyor arrives.

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