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Fitness Center Management

FOH provides oversight and management of the day-to-day operations of your fitness facility, including providing qualified staff, directing and supervising their activities, and implementing programs that keep your workforce healthier and on the job.

FOH-managed Wellness/Fitness Centers contribute more to your workforce. Our management team develops standardized operating policies and procedures, administers the programs, supervises the staff, provides quality assurance services, and evaluates and prepares reports on utilization for your agency

Equipment Management
When agencies need to make decisions regarding the types and amount of equipment to procure, FOH’s fitness professionals can help provide background information regarding durability, reliability, adaptability, maintenance requirements and overall effectiveness of various types of fitness equipment. Once equipment is procured, FOH can provide resources to maintain equipment so your investment lasts longer

Staff qualifications
FOH can provide the staff you need so your employees get the most benefit from your Fitness Center. FOH’s fitness professionals are highly qualified, fully certified, enthusiastic and committed to helping your employees benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Not only do they bring the science of fitness to your employees, they also offer programs that are enjoyable so that employees can more easily meet their fitness goals.

Pre-participation Screenings
Agencies are frequently concerned about the liability of injury in a workplace-based Fitness Center. FOH offers comprehensive screenings before employees are cleared to participate in the fitness center. These screenings include an assessment of cardiac risk factors including measurements of resting heart rate, blood pressure, hip to waist ratios and body mass index. Special medical clearance procedures are in place for those who have significant health risks.

Fitness Assessment
One of the most effective tools in fitness education is a realistic assessment of an individual’s current level of fitness and physical capabilities. FOH conducts individual fitness assessments to provide participants with an evaluation of their particular fitness capabilities and specific instruction on how to improve. Fitness assessments occur when employees begin to use the fitness facility and may also occur at periodic intervals thereafter to check progress. The fitness assessment can include testing for cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and percent body fat.

Exercise Programs
FOH provides a wide variety of exercise programs and aerobic classes to meet the needs and interests of participants. Programs are designed to address employees’ needs to improve cardiovascular endurance, promote muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. FOH fitness professionals are able to adapt exercise programs to meet special physical needs of employees such as those with physical limitations or are recovering from injuries or surgery. Examples of exercise programs include high and low impact aerobics classes at a variety of intensities, as well as specialty classes such as yoga, martial arts-based and self-defense classes. FOH also coordinates walking, biking, or running groups.

Program Evaluation
FOH’s fitness staff is committed to exceeding the expectations of program participants. FOH seeks feedback through regular customer satisfaction surveys. Programs are assessed throughout the entire year and new programs are offered based on client feedback.

Agencies that provide wellness/fitness programs and services want their employees to put these resources to good use. FOH can develop the tools you need to advertise programs and encourage participation. Throughout the year, FOH’s fitness professionals provide information to improve employees’ health and well-being, and introduce new programs and incentives to invite new individuals.

Improving the health, safety, and productivity of our Federal employees.
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